BrowserBob 4

BrowserBob 4

BrowserBob 4 Developer EditionStart into the world of modern...

BrowserBob 4 Developer EditionStart into the world of modern application authoring already as a beginner on a low budget. Fully customized browser applications with a wide range of additional features are at your fingertips with BrowserBob Basic Edition.

br> Create the applications of tomorrow already today! Use web technology and BrowserBob in order to develop new windows to the online world.

This program is THE basic authoring solution for creating smart, multi-functional app's via Drag Drop, integrating any web technology media (Flash, Html, JavaScript, videos, docs,.

) to programs in your own design. Create custom browsers, multimedia programs, eBooks or presentations in your own design via Drag Drop. Integrate any web-technology (HTML, Flash, Scripts, Audio, Video, docs, ?

). Get results within minutes without programming. Start creating standalone Windows software (exe, setups) with ease. Royalty free distribution of your creations.

Get started quickly with tips, F1 context help, DragDrop objects library, ready-made templates more. Perfect for a smart start into Drag Drop custom browser interface development.

New in version 4: NEW: Graphic editor integration: click to edit any graphic in your favorite editor. NEW: Files editing integration: click to edit files, HTML, in the respective editors.

NEW: Alpha blending (application semi-transparency): create transparent programs. NEW: Application templates: professional templates for different application types a quick start.

NEW: Objects and visibility filtering in the project explorer. Improves work efficiency. NEW: Much more, please check online on the BrowserBob website.

Just check it out with our free 30 day trial ! System requirements: Win XP/NT/2000, 500MHZ, 128 MB RAM, 100MB diskspaceSee and download examples made with BrowserBobOr take a look at what others say about BrowserBob.